Eclipse Dark abyss Of lover’s bliss Void of joy Devil’s ploy Night time follows Sky swallows The darkness whole Black as coal Stars appear Lovers cheer Tonight they fight For future bright Hand in hand They strongly stand Against the tide Side by side Sun beams down Devil frowns Lovers win Life will begin Advertisements


in the meadow a wildflower grows amidst the abundance of freshly scented lilacs with butterflies fleeting a wind blows gently the wildflower dances with grace and agility clouds emerge darkness follows, rain beats down winds gust with fury a whirlwind, tempestuous the lilacs are torn from the earth the wildflower struggles holds its own SNAP… Continue reading Awakening


Escalation rising sun one by one accusation has begun escalate to magistrate encaptulate all the hate tormentous wind maiden skinned Master grinned all have sinned mourning dove soars above reminiscent of decaying love


Countdown weak and frail weary and drawn the man awaits the coming of dawn tick tock, tick tock so loud, so strong the man groans time takes so long code blue, room 10 alarms overhead the man ponders if his neighbor is dead the sun rises dawn is here the man sheds one final tear… Continue reading Countdown


Alphabet alone branded call-girl dances erotically frozen girl heralded icy Jezebel killer lusting masochistically naked orifices princess questioning royal sexual traditions unappreciated vulnerable woman xenacious yearning zen

Lost and Found

Lost and Found lost in the shadows a tiny spark of light dances with purpose yet aimless homeward bound yet destination unknown lustrous moon shines beacon of hope with open arms welcomes tiny spark of light irradiating warmth and comfort found


a moment in time frozen, yet fleeting evanescence   capture the beauty tiny light, flickering effervescence   reflection of light prismatic, yet transposing reticence   SNAP   moment has past memory of  Aeryn’s essence